First 6 Days of our No Sugar Summer

We are now on Day 6 of our no sugar summer challenge.  So far so good!  My kids have adopted very well especially my 9 year old.  She had a date night with Daddy on Monday and came home so proud of herself for going to Jason’s Deli and getting a salad and not having any sugar (I’m thinking of the little muffins and the free ice cream).  She had her end of the year school party and she didn’t eat any of the sweet treats like donuts because they have sugar (not to mention…many other bad ingredients)!  So proud of her!

My 5 year old is doing well, too.  With little complaint, he is adopting to no dessert except for 1 square of chocolate.  He is a big fan of the smoothie pops.  Those have been quite the hit.  I had no idea that the kids would eat fruit and hidden broccoli in a frozen smoothie.  They are not fans of the drinkable smoothie but if you freeze it…they will eat it!  He had a doctor appointment yesterday and when I said that he couldn’t have the lollipop offered at the end because it had sugar, he said “okay”.  Side note – why do some doctor offices have sugar and dye-filled lollipops for a reward at checkout?  Isn’t that the opposite of what a place concerned about health and wellness should offer???

What sweet treats have we enjoyed?

I have several cookie recipes to try this weekend that do not contain sugar.  Hopefully, some will be good and I can post those next week!



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