Bye M&M’s

It makes me sad to say that my family will no longer be buying and eating M&M’s.  I’ve been eating M&M’s since I was a kid; although, I haven’t eaten them in months (well, ok, maybe one or two here or there).  I’ve known for awhile that eating this specific “food” is not a good for you, but yet I continue to allow my kids 8-10 M&M’s in their trail mix snack after school.  No more!!!  There is nothing healthy or real about these sweet little candies.  I will be replacing the M&M’s with dark chocolate chips.

Take a look at this informative blog from 100 Days of Real Food ( on artificial dyes (by the way, this is one of my favorite blogs about eating “real food”….check it out!):

A funny story:  My 7 year old said matter-of-factly to her grandmother last week, “Grammy, M&M’s have gas in them and we cannot eat them anymore.”  As you can imagine, her grandmother had quite a surprised look on her face.  I laughed and then explained that what she is referring to is that artificial dyes are made with material from petroleum, the same stuff gas is made of.   At least, my daughter is listening to me!

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